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Canyoning Jurassic World
Welcom to Jurassic World , Climb and down a waterfall with a rope,
Canyoning, shower climbing and water slider

Difficulty , ★★★★☆

Time , 09:00-12:30 13:00-16:30 (3,30hour)
Cost Adult , Child \10000 (12years old~)

The place , Nago city in Okinawa
Meeting location , Family Mart Nago City Makiya Shop
Tel , 0980-58-2476 (Family Mart Nago City Makiya Shop)
Car navigation system set

Waiting time , Half an hour ago(08:30 or 12:30)

Wearing Swimwear , Wet even better clothes & Towel change of clothes

Okinawa Puroduce Kamada

Address , 904-0401 yuima-ru 1-2 2288-38 nakama onna okinawa japan
Tel , 090-1949-6326

Business hours  07:00-20:00

Credit card no useing credit card , cash only

If you No car , you want to Pickup (from hotel to hotel , a parson +¥3000)
Courtesy car preliminary consultation

E-mail ,

E-mail subjict write resevation in english

1 program
2 date & time
3 name,age,sex
4 Height(cm), weight(kg), foot size(cm)
5 portable telephone (Line Address)
6 hotel name
7 Pick up (Yes or No)

Advance booking

 canyoning youtube

All Menu Pc Mobil


TEL 090-1949-6326