Snorkelling corlal and toropical fish in okinawa sea , delicious local meal with tourism

Okinawa charter guide tour
Japanese speaking tour with guide

Okinawa charter guide tour(for of okinawa experience)

1 Colorful tropical fish, coral reef, Okinawa sea (snorkeling)
2 Eat local Okinawan food (delicious lunch time)
3 Oranges harvest and local snack (delicious snack time)
4 Kouri Island superb view (photography)

November to May

10:00 Meeting location(Nago Bus Terminal)
11:00 Kouri Island of superb view (photography)
11:30 Oranges harvest (delicious snack time)
12:00 Colorful tropical fish, coral reef, Okinawa sea (snorkeling)
13:30 Eat the local Okinawan food (delicious lunch and snack time)
15:00 Dissolution (Nago Bus Terminal)


Meeting location
Nago Bus Terminal
Address (905-0011)( 444-1 miyazato Nago Okinawa japan)
Telephone number (0980-52-2618)(0980-52-2504)
※ Naha → Nago Bus Terminal (highway bus 01:40)
※ Chatan → Nago Bus Terminal (highway bus 01:10)
※ Onna → Nago Bus Terminal (car rental 00:40)

About Dress
(Long sleeves, long pants, jacket)
Temperature (16 ℃ ~22 ℃)
Seawater temperature (20 ℃)

About Snorkelling
There is a shower room.
Swim, not even okay.

About belongings
Swimsuit, towel, change of clothes

About the contents
Tours Cost (¥ 10000) (adults, children, the same amount)
Including the tour (snorkeling, courtesy car, lunch, snack, guide)

Than 2 persons

Cash, Japanese Yen only (no card)

For the case of bad weather
The bad weather, there is also the case of the abort. There is no refund even if the snorkeling is not possible.

About reservation
Please make your reservation by e-mail.
Described in English

E-mail (

Please describe as "Okinawa Guided tours reservation" in the subject line.

Mail content
1 date
2 name, age, gender (everyone)
3 Height (cm), body weight (kg), foot size (cm) (everyone)
4 mobile phone number
5 do not eat things
6 allergy

Okinawa charter guide tour
Company name (okinawa puroduce kamada)
Address (904-0401 Okinawa Onna Nakama 2288-38 1-2)
Telephone (090-1949-6326)
Homepage (
E-mail (
Aragaki mobile phone number (090-1949-6326)

Okinawa is fun! See you in Okinawa!